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How we do it

An interpreter bridges language gaps, conveying spoken words to those who don't understand. This process is known as interpretation and includes two main types:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpreting while the speaker talks, common in conferences.

Consecutive Interpretation

Translation after the speaker pauses, used in legal proceedings. We have served major clients like MRM Group, WPP Group, Glance, Carrier, and more.

Domain Specific

Since there are numerous types of interpretation and numerous terminologies that are used, it can be challenging for people to understand these concepts. Thus,we have established distinct domains and trained our staff according to each domain so that the appropriate service can be offered in accordance with the target consumer.

Performance Management

We have all the physical and virtual resources needed to complete the project to the highest standard. Consequently, we have integrated performance management for all of our resources, both real and virtual.

Experienced Personnel

To ensure that they have the necessary skills, all of our employees undergo extensive training. This further guarantees that your project is in good hands.

Language specialists from various places

In order to deliver the project with the utmost excellence, we have both native and non-native interpreters that have a wealth of experience in their industry. This helps in maintaining utmost quality.

How Kalakrit Helps?

Our skilled interpreters provide real-time interpretation services for conferences, meetings, and events, ensuring seamless communication between participants speaking different languages.

Voice Over and Dubbing

Elevate Your Message: Professional Voice Over and Dubbing Services for Exceptional Audio Experiences

Types of Interpretations Covered

Simultaneous Interpretation

We provide simultaneous interpretation services for large conferences, seminars, and international events, where the interpreter translates the speaker's words in real-time through headsets.

Consecutive Interpretation

Our consecutive interpretation services are suitable for smaller meetings, interviews, or court proceedings, where the interpreter listens to the speaker and then provides the translation in the target language.

Whispered Interpretation

For situations where only a few individuals need interpretation, we offer whispered interpretation services, where the interpreter whispers the translation to the listener without disturbing others.

Remote Interpretation

In today's digital world, we also offer remote interpretation services via video conferencing platforms, enabling seamless communication between parties located in different parts of the world.

Domains that we cover:

  • Business
  • Narrations
  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Video Games
  • Corporate Videos
  • Documentaries
  • The process:

  • Project Intake
  • Gather essential details from the client
  • event type
  • language requirement
  • Duration
  • Venue
  • audience demographics
  • any specific instructions
  • Set the budget with client
  • Interpreter Selection based on requirements
  • Delivery of Interpretation Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • On going project manager support
  • Post event follow up
  • How Kalakrit Helps?

    In the delicate craft of translation, we add a touch of human ingenuity and cultural empathy. At Kalakrit, we're not merely translators – we're storytellers, weaving your narrative into a tapestry of language and culture. Our team of language artisans meticulously shape your message, preserving its essence and nuances. Whether it's documents, websites, or multimedia content, our translations resonate with the hearts and minds of your audience. With Kalakrit, your story travels effortlessly across borders, forging genuine connections in every language.

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