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Categories Of Voice Overs

Animated Videos

Listening to animated videos, one thing that comes the most to one’s mind is “Voice Actor”. We provide best-in-class VO Actors.


Promoting a product or service in the form of an advertisement that is presented on television, radio, web, or social. Typically, in the 15, 30, and 60-second formats


Voice-over narration is when a voice narrates over images or motion pictures to help tell the story either from a character’s perspective or a third person.

Video Games

We have a variety of voices with different tonalities that are selected as per the target audience in order to give the character the book needs.


We can support everything starting from games on the home consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo to Mobile and PC games.


E-learning for voice actors often involves working with instructional and educational content that helps students of all ages.


Corporate voice-over is often used to help train new employees or offer in-depth tutorials/explanations for specific jobs.


These are used in comic videos, youtube videos etc. Kalakrit offers a wide range of mimicry artists for all famous celebrities Indian and international.

Among our Clients


How we can help

Domain specific

Since there are numerous types of voice overs and numerous terminologies that are used, it can be challenging for people to understand these concepts. Thus,we have established distinct domains and trained our staff according to each domain so that the appropriate service can be offered in accordance with the target consumer. .

Direct Resource

We deal with voice actors directly, either those who have access to professional home studios or those who can record in the studios we provide. This ultimately results in significant cost savings and shortens the project's competition period.

Multiple reviews

Our customer support staff ensures that the final deliveries are of the utmost quality ,and if necessary, we provide numerous rounds of reviews in accordance with the client's preference until the desired result is obtained.

Native Linguists

Native linguists have a larger vocabulary than "ordinary" translators, therefore the text would flow more naturally and contain a wider range of words. As a result, we work directly with native linguists, a ground-level resource, enabling us to cut out middlemen and significantly lower the cost of services . .


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