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Translation & Localisation

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Website Localization

It is a process of creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages.

Game Translation

Translation of the storyline, dialogues, on-screen texts, videos and audio of the game.

Medical Translation 

In Medical translation, the translation is carried out using the appropriate scientific terms that are relevant to the medical field.

Script Translation

It is the first step in making your video/audio content multilingual. It helps you reach more people all around the world and can help people understand your content.

Financial Translation

For Financial Translations we follow procedures with high precision and consistency as finance is a highly competitive field.

Technical Translation

Technical translation involves the translation of documents, manuals, and user guides produced by technical writers. It needs thorough research on the specific techniques.

Market Research Translation

 Market Research translation includes the translation of briefing notes, transcripts, questionnaires, discussion guides, stimulus materials and research reports.

Software Localization

Software localization is the process of software product adapting interface with the help of linguists and translators, which are the cultural and technical requirements of a target market.

Legal Translation

It is a process of Translating legal documents in a way that the translated documents are an official language and it uses terms within the legal system prevailing in the country.

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Domain Specific

Since there are numerous types of translations and numerous terminologies that are used, it can be challenging for people to understand these concepts. Thus,we have established distinct domains and trained our staff according to each domain so that the appropriate service can be offered in accordance with the target consumer.

Stringent 6 eyed review process

Our staff thoroughly researches the target customer for each project. The optimal manner to exhibit it is then determined via research conducted by our industry specialists. After that, we adapt the translation in accordance. Professionals with extensive experience also provide editing and proofreading. Until satisfactory results are obtained in this field, numerous rounds of evaluations are conducted. .

Multiple reviews

Our customer support staff ensures that the final deliveries are of the utmost quality ,and if necessary, we provide numerous rounds of reviews in accordance with the client's preference until the desired result is obtained.

Native Linguists -

Native linguists have a larger vocabulary than "ordinary" translators, therefore the text would flow more naturally and contain a wider range of words. As a result, we work directly with native linguists, a ground-level resource, enabling us to cut out middlemen and significantly lower the cost of services .


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