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Academic Transcription

Guest lectures, Class lectures, and Recorded class sessions can be transcribed into literal documents which can be further reviewed for multiple purposes.

Legal Transcription

The legal trials, agreement dialogues, and other legal conversations must be recorded accurately using appropriate language.

Video Transcription

We Transcribe video conferences and conversations with the help of our domain-specific transcriptionist.

Business Transcription

Business communications like meetings, project agreements, seminars, conferences, and any other type of corporate communications can be effectively transcripted.

Audio Transcription

We use audio transcriptions to document official audio communication. We offer expert transcription for all types of audiotapes. This is usually used for quality assessments for customer service calls.

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For projects that call for both translation and transcription, we provide transcreation, which entails translating the source text into the target language from scratch. Script transcription is where this is most necessary. It is also called creative translation because the content isn’t translated word for word. However, it remains faithful to the heart of the original text.

Domain Specific

Since there are numerous types of transcriptions and numerous terminologies that are used, it can be challenging for people to understand these concepts. Thus,we have established distinct domains and trained our staff according to each domain so that the appropriate service can be offered in accordance with the target consumer.

Multiple Reviews

Our customer support staff ensures that the final deliveries are of the utmost quality ,and if necessary, we provide numerous rounds of reviews in accordance with the client's preference until the desired result is obtained.

Direct Transcription

Instead of translating the content to the target language after being transcribed in the source language, direct transcription is used. We directly transcribe the content into the target language, which significantly reduces costs and saves time .


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