Ladli foundation


Ladli Foundation is a grassroots-level non-profit organization known for implementing highly impactful & innovative social initiatives to uplift vulnerable people in urban & rural slums. The organization is granted special consultative status in United Nations ECOSOC and conferred with the National Award by Govt. of India for directly serving over one million beneficiaries through its action-research-based projects by promoting sustainable living for achieving UN SDGs.


Ladli foundation works in 2 ways, One is the social welfare of the communities in which they have many campaigns like mass marriage, slum education, etc and the other is helping companies with corporate social responsibility. For all these initiatives the company creates a lot of digital content for showcasing the work and also to motivate their volunteers, participants, and the rest of the world.
The Founder of Ladli, Mr. Devendra Kumar, who is also a motivational speaker reached out to us and wanted help in localizing their content into multiple Indian languages. Along with this, they came to us with an unusual request of recording multiple poetries in a way that they can be motivational.

Ladli Foundation


Kalakrit not only took up the assignment but also did in-depth research on the consumer of the content. For every different campaign, their content consumers were from different sectors which made us understand that a common way of translations will not be appropriate. So, the team working on the account made sure that every campaign’s project was translated with a different domain so that the reader can understand it in the best possible way. Kalakrit provided them with translation solutions for tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities.  

Along with this Kalakrit made a special pool of artists who could recite poetries in a way that they leave a lasting impact. 

Interglobe enterprises. This pool consisted of VOA (Voice artists) with different tone structures to portray the correct meaning of the poetry.

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