Since 1989, InterGlobe Enterprises has been bridging gaps between people and markets. Their unswerving commitment to this purpose has allowed us to establish a strong foothold in businesses such as civil aviation, hospitality, travel commerce, airline management, aircraft maintenance engineering, and advanced pilot training.

Over the past three decades, they have continued to expand their vision and become India’s leading and one of the most respected conglomerates. Headquartered in Gurugram and driven by a workforce of over 31,000 people spread across 28+ countries and 115+ cities globally, their passion for quality, value and innovation is set to power us into the future.


Interglobe works internationally in many different countries with the help of their Multinational set up offices. Every single country has their legal structures and in many countries, for all legal documents, their language needs to be of that particular country. For this problem inter globe was looking for a partner who could provide them with certified translations. Intergloble had Legal translation requirements for Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin



We had Kalakrit set up different domains. For each of these domains, the pool of translators is different because every single domain requires a different set of experts who not only are well-versed in the languages but also with the right terminologies that are used. With the help of the legal domain native linguists, kalakrit gave translations for inter globe’s legal documents with a certified translator in Japanese, simplified Chinese and MexicanSpanish.

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